Help!  I need to know how to File Prior Tax Returns!!

Are you living daily in fear of the Internal Revenue Service because you need to file tax returns from a previous year or even filingpriorreturnsmultiple years?  This cry for help may sound like a helpless plea, but really, you are not alone.  You need to know what your rights are as a taxpayer and how to best resolve your tax issue.  And like many others, you are not the only one out there that is facing the problem.

The Internal Revenue Service, or IRS, has one obligation and that is to collect tax revenue.  When you do not file a return for prior tax years, you are going to be assessed a penalty for filing late or non filing and you will also face additional penalties on any tax liability that is owed but not yet paid.

It may seem obvious, but you need to file the prior tax returns.  You can do this a number of ways including working directly with the IRS on your own.  The IRS may not necessarily be looking out for your best interests, so if you decide to go this route, be careful.  There are also online software programs that will walk you through preparing tax returns for prior years.  Again, these programs may not be able to accurately advise you of your rights and will not always protect your interests.  A certified tax professional is probably the best option to use to file prior tax returns.

A tax professional is aware of tax laws and can work within the law to protect your rights.  Often because of that knowledge, they will be able to help you through every step of filing the prior tax returns and advise you of your rights and some tips that may save you money on your tax obligation.  They can also negotiate with the IRS on your behalf so you may never have to step foot into and IRS office or speak with an agent.

If you need to know how to file prior tax returns and you are at a loss as to where to begin, protect yourself and seek help today.  You do not have to face the IRS on your own.