Filing Prior Taxes – Do Not Put Off Filing Prior Year Taxes

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With each passing day that filing prior taxes is put off, the amount owed grows with penalties, fees, and interest.  Other than the fact that it is illegal not to file your taxes, this is the number one reason to get moving.  The massive amount of work and information often needed to file prior tax returns, however, can be so overwhelming at times the many cannot even imagine where to start.  This is where having a CPA on board to help can be very beneficial.

When trying to find a CPA that will help you with filing prior taxes, it is important to look for certain characteristics.  First, of course, you want to verify that they are certified and that their license is up to date.  If it seems that something is amiss, check into it.  This is not the time to be ignoring gut feelings, as you need a reputable and qualified professional for this type of undertaking.

It is also extremely helpful to find a CPA that specializes in filing prior taxes.  If this is something they work with often, they will know what to expect and you will likely feel more comfortable discussing the issues that put you in the situation to owe prior taxes.   The process of finding such a CPA can itself be daunting, but there are simple steps that can make it less stressful.

Asking around can be awkward due to the sensitivity of the particular situation, but if you are aware of family or friends that have had issues with filing prior taxes in the past, ask them who they used.  If they were happy with the service they received, you will likely be pleased as well.  You can also look for online reviews, and call firms that advertise prior taxes as an area of expertise.  Find a few to sit down and discuss the issue with, and make your decision based on how you were treated along with their capabilities and qualifications.  You want someone who will not make you feel uncomfortable, but who absolutely knows how to do the job right.  Filing prior taxes may be easier than you think.

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